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Embark on a journey to enrich your life with our meticulously crafted and bespoke luxury travel experiences. Every detail is thoughtfully created by us, ensuring an unforgettable and personalised adventure just for you.


We specialise in creating customised luxury travel plans for individuals and groups whilst partnering with other experts to host group adventures. Whether you are looking for a decadent trip to Italy with all of the bells and whistles, or an exclusive tour for your honeymoon, this is the site for you!

Meet The Founder

Nicole Beasley

I knew when I travelled, it was to get more out of my life, not to escape it, and this created the drive to bring dreams to life for everyone. That was in 1983, when I opened SunCity Travel as a young 20-something. 


Today, with many continents and cultures under my belt, I continue to relish in the joy of creating and delivering travel itineraries and experiences working closely with a rich circle of consultants who share the commitment to create fascinating journeys and experiences for both the corporate and leisure traveller.  My promise is to create a travel experience with ultimate care, preferential rates and amazing amenities that will enrich your life.

Nicole Beasley Headshot
Image by Ian Keefe



We knew when we wanted to travel, but were not sure where, so we asked Nicole.  She handpicked some of the best destinations and experiences and offered us choices that worked within our time and space.  We couldn’t believe the depth of knowledge that she brought to the table and quite simply made our dream a reality.


- Tracy Anthon, CEO -

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